SARS Sells LPG Monitoring System to Chinese Utility

SEATTLE, WA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SARS Corp. (OTCBB:SARO), a provider of technologies dedicated to the satellite-based management of fixed and mobile assets, announced it had recently delivered the first of three LPG/Refined Fuel "Tank Farm" monitoring systems to a major Chinese customer, ENN Group, one of the largest city gas service providers in China. The deployment of these systems is a collaborative development with (i) the largest Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software and service provider for the public utilities, DFSoft Co. Ltd in Beijing, China, and (ii) a cutting edge low-power industrial wireless sensor network technology provider, Nebula Networks LLC in Austin, TX. The integrated Tank Farm monitoring system will help the customer to continuously monitor the fuel inventory and integrate the real-time fuel inventory data into the customer's ERP system for intelligent inventory management and business operation.

Using a new generation of sensing technology, developed over the past 6 months, SARS has been able to move into the Commercial LPG/Refined Fuel Tank-Farm market sector. This new "Tank Farm System" deploys the cutting edge low-power wireless mesh networking technologies for industrial wireless sensor networks. With the ERP system integration, the collected data may be fed directly into the Company's inventory control system.

SARS Chief Executive Officer, Chris Wain, stated, "This is an exciting opportunity for SARS. Working with a leading public utility and ERP software company in China and a leading low-power wireless networking Technology Company from the U.S. provides SARS with the opportunity to establish itself in the emerging Chinese market. We estimate the market potential in China to be approximately $500,000,000—with 1,000,000 tanks spread over 30,000 farms throughout China."

Chief Executive Officer of Nebula Networks LLC and Vice President of DFSoft Co. Ltd, Dr. Xin Wu, said, "The use of a tank wireless monitoring system is a milestone for the public utilities service industry in China. It is the first time public utilities providers in China will deploy industrial wireless sensor network technologies and integrate real-time sensing data into the ERP system for business operation purposes. This will greatly benefit those companies looking for more precise information regarding inventory management and intelligent business decision making."

This move into the Chinese market follows a period of design review, product stabilization and recertification which better enables SARS to immediately bring to market its improved non-invasive UtilityEye LPG monitoring unit. Certification of this product to both the IECEx (international) and ATEX (European) Directives will be completed by August 30, 2008. In addition, SARS is working towards a UL approved version of the technology for a move to the United States market in Quarter 1 2009. Moving forward SARS has established a production relationship with Flextronics to meet expected demand and the expectations of its customers.

About SARS
Utilizing a network of satellite, cellular and VHF radio systems, SARS Corp. provides remote asset management and telematics solutions that deliver real-time business intelligence about fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. With the SARS Tracpoint® software suite, business and government organizations in the marine, energy, transportation and other industries can track, monitor and manage assets for improved safety, better security and increased business efficiency.

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