Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR) & Labsphere Partner to Provide Integrated E-O Test Systems

SANTA BARBARA, CA --- Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced infrared (IR) and electro-optical (E-O) test hardware for aerospace and defense, has partnered with Labsphere, Inc. to provide an unparalleled family of E-O test systems. The COLOSUS systems, which include collimated optics, software, and uniform sources, are complete test solutions for optical characterization of sensors and cameras, offering both collimated and flood-mode test configurations. The two companies have merged their engineering expertise in hardware and software to offer turnkey, fully-calibrated solutions.

Integrating spheres, blackbodies, collimators, target wheels, system peripherals, and traceable calibration data are combined and controlled by the IRWindows4™ automated test software package to provide a single, easy-to-use testing method for each of the new systems in the product series. In addition to the COLUSUS family of standard product configurations, custom test solutions can be designed to achieve specific program requirements.

With its HELIOS™ product line of sphere-based sources, Labsphere is a premier global provider of ground-based calibration systems for large, earth-observing satellites. The company also offers optical calibration solutions for remote sensing and terrestrial imaging systems.

Santa Barbara Infrared’s blackbody sources, including the recently introduced

VANTABLACK-S that features carbon nanotube technology, provide the industry’s highest infrared emissivity, enabling unparalleled radiometric accuracy across the mid-wave and long-wave infrared bands. SBIR is the leading supplier of sophisticated, integrated, multi-function E-O test systems used by commercial, science, and military markets in laboratory, factory, depot, and field-test environments.

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