Samtec Expands AccliMate IP68 Sealed Cable Solutions Product Line

New Albany, IN: Samtec announces the expansion of its extensive line of standard and custom AccliMate™ Sealed Cable Plugs and Receptacles, including new crimp sealed bayonet latching circulars. These systems meet IP67/IP68 requirements for dustproof and waterproof sealing and are designed for industrial, outdoor, underwater and other harsh environments.

Samtec’s newest AccliMate™ Crimp Sealed Bayonet Circulars (CCP-12/CCR-12/CCRB-12 Series) were developed as cost effective solutions with optional metal shielding for cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel applications. They are available in standard size 12 shells with metal or plastic housings. They also feature bayonet style latches to ensure proper mating with quick connection and disconnection.

The CCP-12/CCR-12/CCRB-12 series provided design flexibility with socket and terminal end options, cable lengths up to 50 meters and kitted components to facilitate efficient field assembly. Dust caps are also available. Panel receptacles can be terminated with Samtec’s 2.00 mm pitch Tiger Eye™ discrete wire socket connector, or can be supplied with blunt cut cable for field termination.

Samtec’s AccliMate™ family of sealed cable plugs and receptacles includes many options. AccliMate™ Sealed Mini Push-Pull Systems (MCP/MCR Series) offer IP67 protection against dust and water when submerged one meter deep for 30 minutes. AccliMate™ Sealed Rectangulars (RCX/RPBX/RPCX Series) provide a space saving design for maximum density in low profile and 1U sealed USB and Ethernet applications. Lastly, AccliMate™ Sealed Threaded Circulars (SCPX/SCRXS Series) are available in Size 10 and Size 17 shell sizes with rugged overmolds for USB, Mini USB, and Ethernet applications.

The design of standard and custom sealed cable solutions is simplified when using Samtec’s Solutionator® for Sealed I/O Cable Systems. This easy-to-use online tool provides an efficient method to quickly filter through hundreds of thousands of design options – including shell options, pins sizes and various signal, power and I/O interfaces - to arrive at the optimal solution that meets an engineer’s specific needs.

For more information, download the Micro Rugged Application Design Guide at  

Samtec, Inc.,
New Albany, IN


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