Sampling ADC from C&D Technologies

Sampling ADC from C&D Technologies
C&D Technologies Inc., Power Electronics Div.

The ADS-939 from C&D Technologies Inc., Power Electronics Div., Mansfield, MA, gives true 16-bit resolution at 10 MHz sampling rate over its entire operating temperature range and is functionally complete, requiring no external components. The device includes a fast-setting S/H amplifier, subranging ADC, internal reference, timing/control logic, error-correction circuitry, TTL I/O levels, 82 dB SNR, and –86 dB THD at Nyquist input frequency. The ADS-939 samples F.S. input signals with no missing codes up to Nyquist frequencies and across its full operating temperature range. It operates from a ±5 V, ±12 V, or ±15 V supply, dissipates 1.5 W, and is available with a bipolar ±2.75 V or unipolar 0 to –5.5 V input ranges. Models are offered for both 0°C–70°C and –55°C to 125°C temperature ranges.

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Company: C&D Technologies Inc., Power Electronics Div.
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