Saint Barnabas Medical Center Converts to Masimo SET Technology

IRVINE, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Masimo, the inventor of Pulse CO-Oximetry and Measure-Through-Motion-and-Low-Perfusion Pulse Oximetry, have announced the completion of Saint Barnabas Medical Center's hospitalwide implementation of Masimo SET pulse oximetry. The New Jersey–based hospital performed an extensive comparison and thorough evaluation spanning virtually every department and cited superior performance, technology capabilities, and future clinical application as chief reasons for converting to Masimo SET.

"The decision to convert to Masimo SET pulse oximetry was multifaceted, with numerous benefits that we didn't think were possible in one technology," said Shyan Sun, M.D., Director of Neonatology, Saint Barnabas Medical Center. "With Masimo, we now have a standardized technology for oximetry that not only enables sensor consistency and standardization across departments at reduced costs, but also provides the system compatibility necessary to track oximetry inventory and costs—all in a technology platform that is uniquely expandable to support our current and future oximetry needs."

Saint Barnabas Medical Center is the flagship of the Saint Barnabas Health Care System, New Jersey's largest integrated health-care delivery system, and ranks among the top 5% of all hospitals in the country. The 601-bed institution treats more patients annually and delivers more babies than any other facility in New Jersey, including more than 40,000 inpatient admissions, over 65,000 emergency department visits, and nearly 7000 births each year. Additionally, the medical center and its Ambulatory Care Center provide treatment and services for more than 300,000 outpatient visits annually. The Saint Barnabas Health Care System includes six acute care hospitals, a behavioral health center, ambulatory care facilities, eight nursing and rehabilitation centers, an assisted-living facility, geriatric centers, a statewide behavioral health network, and comprehensive home care and hospice programs.

Prior to their conversion, Saint Barnabas had a handful of various oximetry monitors and technologies that each required different sensors from different vendors, eliminating the ability to purchase sensors in combined volume. On top of this, the varying technologies were incompatible with the hospital's inventory management program software and could not provide usable data to track inventory movement and oximetry costs. Converting to Masimo SET pulse oximetry helped Saint Barnabas Medical Center to overcome these challenges, reduce costs, and create process efficiencies that help to improve the process of care.

In addition to Saint Barnabas's hospitalwide standardization to Masimo SET pulse oximetry, the conversion also allows Saint Barnabas clinicians to use Masimo Rainbow SET technology, an upgradable noninvasive blood-constituent monitoring platform capable of measuring additional blood constituents that previously could only be measured with invasive procedures. Masimo Rainbow SET is the first and only method to continuously and noninvasively measure total hemoglobin (SpHb) and oxygen content (SpOC) (both pending regulatory clearances), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), and methemoglobin (SpMet), in addition to oxyhemoglobin (SpO2), perfusion index (PI), pleth variability index (PVI), and pulse rate (PR). Developed as a scalable and upgradable technology platform, Masimo Rainbow SET enables clinicians and hospitals to do more with their Masimo devices by building and expanding the noninvasive measurements, capabilities, and features within the platform. This allows hospitals to make an investment in patient safety today that won't become obsolete tomorrow.

By making the conversion to Masimo, Saint Barnabas joins many of the top hospitals in the U.S., including four of the top five, as listed on the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll, which have all adopted Masimo SET as their primary pulse oximetry platform. Clinically proven in more than 100 independent and objective studies, Masimo SET provides the "most trustworthy SpO2 readings," even under the most difficult clinical conditions, including patient motion and low peripheral perfusion. The studies demonstrate that Masimo SET delivers improvements in outcomes, safety, and efficiency.

Joe E. Kiani, CEO of Masimo, stated, "Saint Barnabas Medical Center's conversion to Masimo SET pulse oximetry ensures they have the best of the present and are set for the future with the upgradable Masimo Rainbow SET technology platform. They represent a growing industry trend toward pulse oximetry technologies that have value and relevance into the future. Masimo Rainbow SET is the first pulse oximetry technology platform to pioneer this capability and the only one that can provide the innovation to drive this proposition for hospitals worldwide. We value Saint Barnabas for their commitment to patient care, quality, and this vision."

About Masimo
Masimo develops innovative monitoring technologies that significantly improve patient care, helping solve "unsolvable" problems. In 1995, the company debuted Measure-Through-Motion-and-Low-Perfusion pulse oximetry, known as Masimo SET, which virtually eliminated false alarms and increased pulse oximetry's ability to detect life-threatening events. "More than 100 independent and objective studies demonstrate Masimo SET provides the most reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements even under the most challenging clinical conditions, including patient motion and low peripheral perfusion." In 2005, Masimo introduced Masimo Rainbow SET, a breakthrough noninvasive blood constituent monitoring platform that can measure many blood constituents that previously required invasive procedures. Rainbow SET continuously and noninvasively measures total hemoglobin (SpHb) and oxygen content (SpOC), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), methemoglobin (SpMet), and PVI, in addition to oxyhemoglobin (SpO2), PR, and PI, allowing early detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions. Founded in 1989, Masimo has the mission of "Improving Patient Outcomes and Reducing Cost of Care by Taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and Applications."

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