Safety Switch Provides Earthquake Protection

Safety Switch Provides Earthquake Protection

The SA series safety seismic switch provides triaxial vibration detection and is viable for protecting vulnerable structures from earthquakes and other vibration events. Depending on the application, the switch incorporates a range of safe shutdown options. The SA-3 model features three high-integrity low-noise piezoelectric seismometers positioned at 90º to each other along with the associated alarm circuitry housed within a weatherproof painted steel enclosure. It is seismically qualified to IEEE-344 and when the signal from any axis exceeds the pre-set alarm level, the alarm relay is activated. The sensors consist of a unique system of matched piezoelectric elements arranged in a ‘reciprocal’ configuration providing a functional test capability. Application of a 1Hz signal to the calibration crystal element mechanically excites the measuring elements resulting in a defined signal output that can be used to perform a full loop check of the seismic switch.

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