SAFE Family Launches Fashionable Safety-Wearable for Kids

LOS ANGELES, CA -- SAFE Family Wearables today launches the SAFE Kids Paxie Band, a fashionable GPS-enabled wearable device designed for children, with an accompanying mobile management application. The SAFE Kids Paxie Band measures ambient temperature, GPS location, heart rate, boundary settings and activity tracking in order to give peace of mind to busy, on-the-go families.

"Day after day, we hear stories of tragic accidents happening to children, often occurring while they are away from their parents," said Merle Lee Freeman, Founder of SAFE Family. "My mission in creating this wearable was to come up with a device that would be fashionable and fun for children while allowing their parents to keep a pulse on their safety while they are apart. The Paxie band also tracks activity to encourage healthy and active lifestyles."

The SAFE Kids Paxie Band comes in several sizes and is designed for children ages 18 months to 12 years of age. Features include:

•GPS and boundary setting - users can check the location of their child at any time via the Safe Mobile App or online dashboard and will receive a notification when the child leaves a pre-set boundary
•Ambient temperature -- with cases of children suffering from heatstroke or infants/toddlers accidentally left behind in cars making the news each year, the SAFE Kids Paxie band notifies the parent if the temperature around the band becomes excessively high or low
•Heart Rate - the band monitors the wearer's heart rate for sudden spikes associated with allergic reactions or panic attacks
•Activity Tracking - tracks steps to encourage active lifestyles and exercise
•Interchangeable, water-resistant bands - fashionistas aged 18 months to 12 years will be able to select from a variety of colors and patterns
•Extended battery life - the battery life is an impressive 36 hours and can be charged via a micro-USB cable
•Mobile Management - parents can track their kids via a mobile application available for Android and iOS as well as through an online dashboard

Pricing and Availability

The SAFE Kids Paxie Band is available for preorder on January 4, 2015 and units will begin shipping in May 2015. The devices will cost $175 and will include 2 Fashion bands, a charger, a USB cable and 3 months data service. After 3 months, data charges will run $9.99 per month.

SAFE will initially be sold exclusively through the with retail distribution to follow in Q4 2015.

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