Safe Alarms Meet IECEx/ATEX Standards

Safe Alarms Meet IECEx/ATEX Standards

Respectively, the IS-D105 and IS-DL10 intrinsically safe alarm horn sounder and combination device carry IECEx and ATEX approvals for Zone 0. They reside in IP66-sealed marine-grade phosphate and powder-coated aluminum enclosures. The alarm horn delivers up to 105 dB(A) at 1 meter with a choice of 49 alarm tones and two additional, remotely-selectable alarm stages. Alternatively, the audible and visual elements of the IS-DL105 combination model are controllable individually. Using a common power supply, the sounder features an alarm accept function. Closing a pair of external contacts such as a push switch silences the alarm for set periods between five seconds and two hours. The LED beacon continues to flash at twice its normal frequency, providing indication of an ongoing alarm condition. If after the pre-set time the alarm condition still exists the alarm horn activates again.

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