S2C Expands Its World-Class Library of Over 80 Prototype Ready Interfaces

12 New Modules Allow for Greater Product Development Focus and Faster Time-to-Market

SAN JOSE, CA -- S2C Inc. announces the addition of 12 new Prototype Ready interface cards and accessories to its extensive library of over 80 pre-engineered hardware and software components aimed at accelerating the development of SoC prototypes. These new modules enable users to prototype SoC designs with a variety of interfaces and work out-of-box with the S2C's comprehensive family of Logic Modules. These pre-engineered solutions enable users to focus on SoC prototype development and product differentiation to gain an edge in today's competitive markets.

"Our commitment to providing our users with the most comprehensive suite of Prototype Ready interfaces and accessories gives our customers a true advantage over their competitors," said Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C. "With these latest additions, our customers can feel even more confident knowing that - S2C has the hardware to fit their needs."

The newly released Prototype Ready Interfaces and Accessories include modules for:
•Multi-function Flash memory
•DisplayPort for high-speed digital link
•Debug extension for added S2C Debug Module support
•GTX splitter to separate 8 channels into two sets of 4 channels
•USB 2.0 to enable designs to interface to two USB2.0 OTG
•General peripherals
•RS232 interface
•GPIO extension for general debug and test
•Smart Power of power sequencing and remote power recycling
•FMC Mezzanine interfaces
•System clock control
•MMCX to SMB conversion

About S2C's 80+ Prototype Ready Interfaces and Accessories

S2C provides a large library of over 80 off-the-shelf interfaces and accessories for its Logic Modules to further speed up and simplify the system prototyping process. Accessory modules are supplied as daughter boards that plug into the S2C Logic Modules, providing pre-tested interfaces and reference design flows for easy bring-up. The library is sectioned into 6 categories for easy reference. The table below summarizes the 6 categories and provides some examples of interfaces and accessories that S2C provides.

For a complete listing, visit http://www.s2cinc.com

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