S&C Electric Company, Alstom Grid Announce Alliance

SAN DIEGO, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Alstom Grid and S&C Electric Company announce their alliance to jointly develop smart grid solutions that demonstrate enhanced interoperability and next generation real-time self-healing networks between the Alstom Grid's e-terra distribution Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS) and S&C's IntelliTEAM SG Automatic Restoration System.

"As smart grid deployments increase in scale and complexity, tight integration of real-time operations, asset data and device configuration at the system level becomes increasingly more important," noted Witold Bik, S&C's Vice President of the Automation Systems Division. "Combining these two systems will yield real-time solutions that are second to none."

Scalability and effective data management are essential to the implementation of smart grid deployments. A fully integrated system dramatically improves the ease of managing large-scale installations and significantly enhances distribution grid reliability and efficiency while minimizing the duration of customer outages. The sophisticated solution will also enable seamless integration of distributed energy resources (wind, solar, electrical vehicle charging, and energy storage) across the distribution grid.

"Our partnership with S&C demonstrates our commitment to continually invest in alliances that will distinctly differentiate our Integrated Distribution Management System which offers greater grid reliability, stability and increased efficiency for our grid distribution customers. With our esteemed partners, Alstom Grid continues to pursue innovative solutions to make smart grid a reality," said Jean-Michel Cornille, Senior Vice President, Automation and Smart Grid, Alstom Grid.

About Alstom Grid
Alstom Grid, the newest sector of Alstom, has more than 100 years of expertise in electrical grids. Whether for utilities or electro-intensive industries or facilitating the trading of energy, Alstom Grid brings power to their customers' projects. Alstom Grid ranks among the top 3 in electrical transmission sector with a sales turnover of approximately euro 3.5 billion in 2009. It has 20,000 employees and over 90 manufacturing and engineering sites worldwide. Its four main business areas are Products, Systems, Automation and Service. At the heart of the development of Smart Grid, Alstom Grid offers products, services and integrated energy management solutions across the full energy value chain—from power generation, through transmission and distribution grids and to the large end user.

About S&C Electric Company
S&C, headquartered in Chicago, is applying its heritage of innovation to address challenges facing the world's power grids, and is thus shaping the future of reliable electricity delivery. The mission of employee-owned S&C is to continually develop new solutions for electricity delivery, fostering the improved efficiency and reliability required for the intelligent grid.

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