Rugged DA System from GMH Engineering

Rugged DA System from GMH Engineering
GMH Engineering

The DataBRICK3 from GMH Engineering, Orem, UT, is a portable DA system for use in physically demanding applications. Suited to test environments where sensors are widely dispersed and a distributed DA system is desirable, the unit offers 8 differential analog inputs with individually programmable gain, offset, sample rate, anti-aliasing filter, and excitation voltage; nonvolatile internal data storage for >4 million data points; 4 counter channels; and 1 external trigger input channel. Analog channels are simultaneously sampled at up to 17,000 sps; application software is included. Data resolution is 14 bits. Applications include machinery monitoring, vehicle safety and performance testing, vehicle crash testing, vibration testing, and aerospace testing.

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Company: GMH Engineering
Phone number: 801-225-8970
Fax: 801-225-9008

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