RTU from CSE-Semaphore

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The T-BOX LT-202 from CSE-Semaphore, Lake Mary, FL, is an RTU for remote monitoring and SCADA system applications in automation, energy management, submetering, and utility metering. The compact, rugged RTU includes 6 analog inputs (0–10 VDC), 2 Pt1000 temperature inputs, 2 digital/pulse inputs, 8 digital I/O, and 4 digital outputs with relays. Integral communications include Ethernet, RS-232, 2-wire RS-485, and a choice of PSTN modem, GSM/GPRS modem, spread-spectrum radio, or RS-232 with full modem control. The device uses a decentralized architecture that enables integration of programmable automation, alarm management, data logging, and IP telemetry in a single package.

Contact Info

Company: CSE-Semaphore
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 407-333-3235
Fax: 407-386-6284

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