RTD Interface to SCADA RTU from CSE-Semaphore

RTD Interface to SCADA RTU from CSE-Semaphore

The MS-6RTD interface module from CSE-Semaphore, Nashua, NH, is compatible with the company's T-BOX MS modular SCADA system and accommodates a broad range of 2-wire and 3-wire RTD temperature sensors. T-BOX performs alarm management, data logging, and can perform IP forwarding, email, and SMS text to keep recipients informed of the status of all assets. T-BOX MS systems are especially suitable to applications in energy management, infrastructure management, power generation, and utilities.

Contact Info

Company: CSE-Semaphore
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 407-333-3235
Fax: 407-386-6284

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