RSAs Cover 3.2 And 6.5GHz

The RSA5000 real-time spectrum analyzer (RSA) is available in 3.2 GHz and 6.5 GHz models, both with a resolution bandwidth (RBW) down to 1 Hz, a noise floor as low as -165dBm, and a full span sweep as fast as 1 ms. In addition, the analyzer features up to 40 MHz of real-time bandwidth, a minimum probability of intercept (POI) of 7.45 µs, seven rich visualization modes, and a powerful triggering capability.


The RSA5000 takes 146,484 FFTs per second providing a minimum 100% POI of 7.45 µs. This allows users to capture pulsing, hopping and fast transient signals as short as 7.45 µs, and display accurate power 100% of the time. The seven rich data views allow engineers to visualize complex RF environments. Density Displays help to see time varying signals and resolve hidden and superimposed signals in the same frequency band. Spectrogram Displays allow users to evaluate changes in signal behavior over time, especially useful in identifying hopping patterns and characterizing PLLs. Power versus Time Displays show the RF Power for the real-time span over a user defined time span helping measure the duration and timing of pulsing signals and characterizing signals with amplitude modulation like ASK.


The RIGOL RSA5000 utilizes a Quad Core processor and is built on a Linux operating system. Its flexible user interface allows customers a choice in how they interact with their instrument. It has a 10.1" Capacitive Touch Display, supports a keyboard and mouse, or you can utilize traditional softkey and knob control. HDMI out allows use of a large external display and USB/LAN support allow easy networking, programming, remote control and data sharing.


Pricing for the RSA5000 starts at $7,999. Can’t wait to start testing, but need more data? Peruse the RSA5000 datasheet.