RSA Outfits GE Breakers

RSA Outfits GE Breakers
CBS ArcSafe Inc.

The lightweight, portable RSA-162 remote switch actuator (RSA) is intended for use with General Electric EntelliGuard G circuit breakers. It allows technicians to remotely charge, close, or trip the circuit breaker from a safe distance of up to 300 feet while remaining stationed outside the arc-flash boundary. Due to a novel magnetic latching system, installation and operation do not require any modifications to existing electrical equipment. The RSA-162 is compatible with GG/GJ/GH/GK-04/07/08/10/13/16/20/25/32/40/50/64 circuit breakers with ratings from 400A to 6 kA. Typical applications for the circuit breakers include providing advanced circuit protection, limiting arc-fault energy, and preserving system coordination for power distribution systems. Optional features include radio remote with a range up to 300 feet, 24-Vdc LED light, wireless video camera system with LCD monitor, and a protective case assembly.

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