Rotational Viscometer from ATS RheoSystems

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ATS RheoSystems

The compact Merlin from ATS RheoSystems, Bordentown, NJ, is a high-performance rotational viscometer capable of steady-shear and yield-stress testing. Designed to perform both routine rheological tests such as single-point viscosity checks for QC and complex rheological evaluation for R&D, the viscometer can be used to investigate the mixing, stirring, and process flow characteristics of fluid systems. Features include built-in Peltier temperature cooling; cone and plate, parallel plate, and concentric cylinder measuring systems; an angular velocity range from 0.01–200 rad/s; torque range from 0.005–20 mNm; and a temperature range from –10°C to 120°C.

Contact Info

Company: ATS RheoSystems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 609-298-2522

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