Rotary Shaft Torque Sensor from Sensor Developments

Rotary Shaft Torque Sensor from Sensor Developments
Sensor Developments Inc.
The 01424 Series torque sensors from Sensor Developments Inc., Lake Orion, MI, are designed to measure rotating drive torque using a shaft-to-shaft configuration for inline placement. Features include a 1000 Hz frequency response, 10,000 rpm speed rating, and a ±5 VDC isolated output at F.S. Capacity is form 50 in. oz. to 20,000, sample rate is 20,000 samples/s, bandwidth is DC to 1 kHz, and 0.10% F.S. nonlinearity. You can measure torque from DC motors, engines, turbines, and other rotary power sources.

Contact Info

Company: Sensor Developments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-736-7671/248-391-3000
Fax: 248-391-0107

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