Rotary Position Sensors Reliably Deliver 10+M Shaft Rotations

Rotary Position Sensors Reliably Deliver 10+M Shaft Rotations
TT electronics plc

The MagnePot 8150 Series multi-turn non-contacting rotary position sensors promise to operate reliably over a minimum of 10-million shaft rotations with no signal output degradation. Employing Hall Effect non-contacting sensing technology, a high-performance internal bearing design ensures performance reliability. The non-contacting sensing technology also facilitates clean, ratiometric absolute position outputs across multiple turns without sliding contact noise. Units are available in a choice of three, five, or 10 turns, each powered via a 5-Vdc supply. The ratiometric output range is from 4% to 96% of supply with a 12-mA maximum current rating. The sensors also feature ±0.5% independent linearity as standard, with optional improvement to ±0.25%. Standard operating temperature range is -40ºC to +125ºC. For datasheet downloads, visit

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