Rotary Position Sensors Keep A Trim Profile

Rotary Position Sensors Keep A Trim Profile

Described as economical ultra-thin linear and rotary position sensors, SensoInk and Sensofoil suit applications such as medical and industrial devices that require very low profile sensors. The specially developed polymer paste guarantees extended lifetimes. Sensofoil is also available in IP65 version. SensoInk uses an upgraded polymer paste that provides improved electrical properties, resulting in much better linearity as well as longevity and quality. No lubrication is needed. Features include:

• Excellent linearity (<0.1%), durability and temperature stability
• Available in both linear and radial form factors, flexible (with direct print on Kapton)
• Flat design 0.5mm PET
• Easily adaptable to specific customer design
• Temperature ranges of -40°F to 221°F (Hybrid)
• The combination of SensoInk paste, wiper material and wiper pressure provides a lifetime of over 25 million operating cycles.

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