Rotary Position Sensors from ASM Sensors

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ASM Sensors Inc.

The POSIROT PRAS20 and PRAS21 Series of magnetic rotary sensors from ASM Sensors Inc., Elmhurst, IL, use an external position magnet to provide an absolute position output over a 0°–360° measurement range and are for use in the medical equipment industry. The sensors may be ordered with smaller measurement ranges in 15° increments. Output is an analog 0.5–4.5 V signal; the PRAS20 also offers 0.5–10 V and 4–20 mA outputs with an optional redundant output. The PRAS21 Series is <0.25 in. high, is rated IP60, has a fully potted circuit board, and has resolution of 0.03% F.S. (60°–360°) and 0.1% F.S. (15°–45°, repeatability of ±0.03% (60°–360°) and ±0.1% (15°–45°), and linearity of ±0.5% F.S.

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Company: ASM Sensors Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 630-832-3202
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