Rotary Position Sensor from Penny + Giles

Rotary Position Sensor from Penny + Giles
Penny + Giles Controls Ltd.

The SRH500P configurable rotary sensor from Penny + Giles Controls Ltd., Christchurch, U.K., is suitable for steering, suspension, and lift system position measurement on municipal, agricultural, and construction vehicles. The noncontact Hall device operates from either a 5 VDC regulated or 9–30 VDC unregulated supply and can be supplied programmed with any one of 341 different angles from 20° up to 360° in 1° increments. Resolution is 12-bit (0.025%) over the selected measuring range. Output is either single or dual redundant 0.5–4.5 VDC or PWM. Max. output signal noise is 1 mV rms. It can operate in high dither vibration conditions and resists shock and vibration.

Contact Info

Company: Penny + Giles Controls Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1202-409409
Fax: +44 (0)1202-409475

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