Rotary Position Sensor from BEI Duncan Electronics

Rotary Position Sensor from BEI Duncan Electronics
BEI Duncan Electronics

The 9950 noncontacting rotary position sensor from BEI Duncan Electronics, a company of Custom Sensors and Technology Inc., Irvine, CA, is suited for use in industrial, agriculture, and off-highway applications. The device offers a single analog output and features an integrated Hall effect chip in an IP67-rated plastic package, a large bearing surface, and SS sleeving in the mount ears to prevent damage from fasteners. The 50 by 37.5 by 34.1 mm sensor provides an electrical angle measurement of up to 120°, ±2.0% standard linearity, and an operating temperature range from –40°C to 125°C. Accuracy is ±3.0% F.S. at room temperature. The device can withstand 10 G vibration, 20–2000 Hz, 50 G shock, and half-sine pulse of 5 ms duration.

Contact Info

Company: BEI Duncan Electronics
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 949-341-9500
Fax: 949-453-2700

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