Rolling Resistance Load Cell from Sensor Developments

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Sensor Developments Inc.

The 50012 Series rolling resistance load cell from Sensor Developments Inc., Orion, MI, is a multicomponent force transducer designed to measure the rolling resistance for the automotive tire manufacturing and test industry. Ranges and sizes are available up to a 20:1 ratio of capacities; the sensor can be cross-talk-compensated to eliminate off-axis loading effects. Overload capacity is 150% F.S., output at F.S. load is 0.5–2 mV/V (load dependent), nonlinearity is 0.10% of F.S., hysteresis is 0.10% of F.S., and zero balance is 1% of F.S. Usable temperature range is –65°F to 250°F. Load cells can be designed to measure the forces for rolling resistance, side loading, radial forces, braking torque, and steering angles.

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Company: Sensor Developments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
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