ROHM, LAPIS Semiconductor, and Kionix Ramp Up For Sensors Expo 2017


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In Conversation with Antonio Neri, President & CEO – Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Salil Parekh, CEO – Infosys

Hear the CEOs of Infosys & HPE discuss the current crisis and how it has accelerated the need for digital transformation for their clients. Connectivity at the Edge, right mix of hybrid cloud, ability to extract data faster than ever before… these are just some of the contributions that HPE and Infosys make to our clients’ digital transformation journey.

We invite you to speak with key engineers about the latest sensor solutions and technologies from ROHM, LAPIS Semiconductor, and Kionix at Sensors Expo 2017 in three key areas: Health & Fitness, IoT, and Industrial.

Visit us at Booth 616

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Featured Solution: Machine Health Demo This innovative solution can help improve efficiency and performance while driving down costs in factories and plants by detecting machine failures in advance through real-time monitoring. The modular configuration covers mechanical, environmental, and optical failures by integrating pressure, temperature, and color sensors along with accelerometers that monitor vibration and other important factors. In addition, sub-GHz technology supports multiple wireless nodes with a range of up to 1km.

Embedded Devices:
Ambient Light Sensor
SubGHz (EnOcean and Wi-Sun)
Color Sensor

Featured Solution: Blood Pressure Ring Unlike conventional cumbersome cuff-based blood pressure monitors that make continuous monitoring difficult, ROHM has developed a ring-type blood pressure monitor utilizing an optical pulse wave sensor that presents a non-invasive way to accurately determine blood pressure. Using this device will make it possible to detect early symptoms and perform preliminary treatment and diagnosis to prevent the onset of vascular disease (which accounts for the top 2 causes of death worldwide) through continuous blood pressure monitoring – most importantly during sleep and the first 2-3 hours after waking up.

Embedded Devices:
Heart Rate Monitor

Featured Solution: Logger EVK ROHM's RFID data logger is an ideal battery-operated IoT device for measuring environmental conditions for the cold chain supply market. A key benefit is the capability to use RFID protocols to passively transfer data to a reader, preventing power from being consumed when polling information from devices. Additionally, PDF files can be created that allows convenient printing of logged data, meeting the requirements of cold chain customers.

Embedded Devices:
Pressure Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor

Featured Solution: PC Lid Angle Demo The portable nature of laptops makes battery life a critical factor. As a result, it necessary to determine the position of the lid to determine the operating status. ROHM has made it possible to easily and accurately detect the angle of the cover by integrating an accelerometer in the cover and keyboard. This method eliminates the need for expensive magnets while reducing design time for developers as mag-field simulations are no longer required to return the cover position of a device in operation.

Embedded Devices:

Interactive Demo Lineup:
Machine Health Demo
Smart Volume Knob
Blood Pressure Ring
Motor Vibration Demo
VR Drift Demo
Wireless Data Logger and EVK
Sensor Games
PC Lid Angle
Windows IoT Sensor Eval Kit
Indoor Position Tracking
Wearable HRM Demo
Smart Exercise Step/Ball Demo
Hidden Light Monitoring
Kampai Sensor
Soil Environment Sensor

Schedule a Meeting
To schedule a meeting with a representative, please contact Heike Mueller. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Sensors Expo 2017.

About ROHM Group Company
ROHM, a leading semiconductor component manufacturer, together with Group Companies Kionix and LAPIS Semiconductor, offer a wide range of sensor products and solutions optimized for a variety of design and application needs, from ambient light, proximity, temperature, and Hall sensors to optical sensors, combo mag-gyro sensors, accelerometers, UV sensors, and low-power MCUs.

The ROHM Group supports custom products as well through sensor synergy created by leveraging ROHM’s renowned analog expertise with Kionix’s MEMS-based technology and sensor fusion software along with LAPIS Semiconductor’s market-leading digital and low-power technologies.

ROHM also employs a highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing network with multiple locations worldwide utilizing the latest advancements in semiconductor technology and a completely in-house production system - from silicon ingot pulling and wafer production to final packaging - to ensure unsurpassed quality, reliability, and flexibility.


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