ROHM and Mindteck Develop Breakthrough Wi-Fi Thermostat and Lighting Control Technologies

Santa Clara, CA --- ROHM and Mindteck collaborate on two IoT-based demonstrations utilizing ROHM sensors, a Wi-Fi Thermostat and Lighting Control System, developed using advanced sensing technologies.

The Wi-Fi Thermostat is a cloud-enabled thermostat integrating ROHM’s temperature and proximity sensors (BD1020HFV and RPR-0521RS) that provides anytime/anywhere control with real-time data collection. This novel solution offers the scalability to connect to local thermostat webservers from multiple mobile apps and PC browsers while ensuring worry-free maintenance through the OTA configuration and easy upgrades. Additional features include built-in intelligence, enabling control and schedule thermostat modes, and reduced power consumption through data analytics.

The Lighting Control System is a building management solution designed to achieve energy-efficient indoor and outdoor operations. Control and scheduling are enabled based on time and/or sensor inputs from ROHM’s integrated ambient light and proximity sensor, RPR-0521RS. The system also supports mobility application control, provides secure RESTful-based communication between the gateway and backend server, and includes ZigBee wireless nodes to control all lighting devices as well as blinds.

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