Roemtech, LLC Announces U.S. Patent Award for Auto-HummBuster Ground-Loop Noise Elimination Circuitry, Patent #9,042,577

DALLAS, TX -- Roemtech, LLC announces the award of Patent #9,042,577 by the USPTO for its invention of a unique circuitry that automatically analyzes multiple audio inputs and checks for ground-loop noise that frequently plagues classroom audio systems. If the circuitry detects ground-loop noise on any input, it will immediately take action to eliminate that noise by automatically engaging internal ground-loop isolation transformers.

It is the first time that an amplifier can diagnose a ground-loop issue, detect which input is the problem and then fix it with a single push of a button. Once the microprocessor makes the proper settings, it stores them in memory so that even during a power outage, the settings can be recalled upon power-up. Roemtech markets this technology under the trademarked name Auto-HummBuster.

The Auto-HummBuster technology is the culmination of eight years of research and development by Roemtech's engineering department. According to Roemtech, ground-loop noise is a common audio problem, especially in classroom audio systems. By working with end users and commercial dealers, Roemtech set out to find a solution that would make getting rid of audio noise much quicker and easier. Up until now, fixing ground-loop noise required that an experienced technician drive out to the customer, sometimes many miles away.

Once there, he had to diagnose the system and then put in ground-loop filters where necessary or meet with a certified electrician and make fixes to the existing 110V electrical wiring. Typically these service calls were time consuming and expensive. With Roemtech's new Auto-HummBuster technology, the end user can simply push the Auto-HummBuster button once and fix the problem himself.

CEO and President, D. Thomas Emlinger states, "The Auto-HummBuster technology is extremely effective, eliminating unwanted ground-loop noise in almost every case. When school CTO's who deal with classroom audio systems actually get a chance to hear a demonstration, they are blown away by how well it works. If you hear humming in an audio system, they aren't using an amplifier with Auto-HummBuster technology."

The PMA-350H classroom amplifier is the first amplifier to feature the patented Auto-HummBuster technology and is currently available through authorized Roemtech audio-visual dealers only. It features three line level inputs, all of which are protected by the Auto-HummBuster technology. In addition to this, Roemtech says they have future amplifiers in development that will feature this technology.

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