Rod and Cylinder Sensor from MTS

Rod and Cylinder Sensor from MTS
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.

The Temposonics Model CR from MTS System Corp., Sensor Div., Cary, NC, integrates a standard Model CS or CM magnetostrictive position sensor inside a thick steel mechanical package to protect the electronics from mechanical and environmental damage. The noncontact, absolute position sensor is available in 6 standard lengths along its 250 mm active stroke range; 72.3 mm, 109.3 mm, 148 mm, 186.3 mm, 217.3 mm, and 250.1 mm with ±0.3 mm linearity, ±25 µm repeatability, a 2.6 kHz update rate and either a 5 VDC supply ratiometric output version or a 12 VDC supply reference voltage output version, both with PWM output.

Contact Info

Company: MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 919-677-0100

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