Robust Metal Pushbutton Switch Features Latching Action

Robust Metal Pushbutton Switch Features Latching Action
Schurter Inc.

Expanding the MSM family of ceramic pushbutton switches is the MSM LA CS, a version featuring latching action. The biocompatible ON/OFF metal switch can be backlit across the entire surface and employs a stainless steel housing and a ceramic actuator. Non-illuminated versions of the MSM LA CS and MSM CS are available with a white actuator surface. The MSM LA CS is available with mounting diameters of 19 mm and 22 mm. Switching voltage is 250 Vac/125 Vdc with a switching current up to 12A. Operating temperature range is -20°C to +85°C. Pricing starts at about $30 each/100. For more information, visit Schurter 

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