Robots On The March In Asia

The results of the World Robotics Report 2016, published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), find that Asia’s use of industrial robots is on an upward roll. Over the past five years, its operational robot force rose 70% to 887,400 units, (2010-2015). The study found that in 2015, annual robot sales rose 19% to 160,600 units, setting a record for the fourth consecutive year.

China appears to be the biggest market for industrial robots, responsible for 43% of all sales to Asia including Australia and New Zealand. Close behind is the Republic of Korea, with a share of 24% of regional sales, and Japan with 22%. Essentially that translates to 89% of robots sold in Asia and Australia going to these three countries in 2015.

China will remain the main driver of growth in the region. By 2019, almost 40% of the global supply will be installed in China. Continued growth in robot installations is predicted for all major Asian robot markets.

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