Robotiq Releases a 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor for Force Control

Quebec, Canada -- Robotiq is releasing the FT 150, a cost-effective 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor with unmatched signal quality. Specially designed for force controlled applications, it enables the users to enjoy easy integration and immunity from external electrical noise. With electronics included in the sensor, digital measurements from the high quality signal (that does not require external processing) and software packages for Universal Robots, ROS, Linux and Windows; this new 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor makes integration easier for end users. This sensor is also compatible with industrial robot manufacturers such as: Yaskawa Motoman, FANUC and ABB.


• Robotic hand guiding
• Finishing (grinding, polishing, deburring)
• Assembly tasks (insertion, surface finding)
• Human-robot collaboration
• Product testing (test benches)


• High quality signals
• Digital measuring elements make the sensor immune to electro-magnetic noise, no filtering is required.
• Direct communication with your robot controller
• The signal can be sent directly as digital input to your robot controller. No need for an external signal processing box with the associated costs.
• To speed up your application development, software packages are available for Universal Robots, ROS, Linux and Windows. Compatible with industrial robot manufacturers such as: Yaskawa, FANUC and ABB.

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