Robotic Manipulandum Rolls Its Own

It’s no secret that the health industry and media have made cigarette smokers societal pariahs. Not only are they THOUGHT to be damaging their own wellbeing, but are believed to be responsible for every earthly ill affecting every non-smoking creature on the planet and possibly in other galaxies.

It’s also a well-known fact, to stave off smokers’ vaporous terrorism, the electronic cigarette (a.k.a., e-butt, e-smoke, e-cigarette) was created. In theory, these electronic devices mix a nicotine emulsion with water and heat it up into an inhalable state. Because the exhaled fume is not the byproduct of burning tobacco leaves, paper, blue lighter fluid, and various indefinable chemicals mixed in by the cigarette maker, it is considered safe for both the smoker and those in close proximity of same.

Whether you buy that theory or not, or if you are an antismoker vigilante, does not matter. There are companies manufacturing interesting robotics that assemble those e-puffers. The robotics pack a plethora of sensors and other components that we present in an UNBIASED manner. Such is the case here, with Dispense Works’ RP2415 Series production robot.

Promising to streamline the e-cigarette production process, the palletized RP2415 Series production robot automates a four-component assembly. It relies on Dispense Works’s PD-2 positive displacement twin fill nozzle, dual assembly heads, and a three-gallon pressure pot. The robot’s precision ball slides and leadscrews promise machine-tool-quality performance with speeds  up to 20 in./s and payloads up to 100 lbs. Reportedly, this allows the operator to load and unload parts during the machine cycle.

Another interesting feature, the system employs an embedded dual-memory processor with CF Card requiring no PC for operation. This provides all pre-programmed software functions for filling, assembly, and positioning. Loading a new file simplifies changing over to different volumes or positions. Also, the system is aid to offer limitless customizing capabilities and is made in the USA.

Stated earlier, whether smoke or not, agree or disagree about the health risks to puffers and non-puffers alike, or just don’t give a monkey’s, this is an interesting Manipulandum from an engineering standpoint. Surely it has many other applications, so smoke em’ if you got em’. ~MD

For more information about the Dispense Works’ RP2415 Series production robot:

Dispense Works Inc.

McHenry, IL


[email protected]

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