RMS and Splinternet Form Alliance

NORWALK, CT /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- RMS Technology Solutions Inc. and Splinternet Holdings Inc. announced that they will work together on new gamma radiation–detection installations for the private and public sectors.

Combining their expertise, the companies will deploy unattended wide-area radiation-detection systems in public buildings, transportation and shipping facilities, hospitals, and entertainment centers to defend against the potential threat of a dirty bomb attack.

RMS is a video-technology integrator, with over 30 years experience and established business partnerships in Fortune 500 companies, as well as with law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. RMS implements hardware and software infrastructures for emerging technologies to support efforts to fight crime.

Splinternet's DefenTect integrated gamma radiation–detection architecture is an emerging homeland security technology that communicates data from perimeter or portal radiological sensors to an incident command center, as well as to PDAs, cell phones, or pagers. When high-energy gamma rays from dirty-bomb substances interact with Splinternet's GammaTect sensors, proprietary algorithms analyze the data and alert authorities to radiation that may pose a security threat.

"There's a need for integrated, ubiquitous sensor systems in the marketplace, which Splinternet delivers," said Rick Rubenstein, President of RMS Technology Solutions Inc. "We look forward to customizing these protective radiological solutions for customers."

"Radiological dispersal devices are seen to be a serious challenge to security, in part due to the availability of a range of radioactive materials commonly used in medicine and industry," said James C. Ackerly, CEO of Splinternet. "Our collaboration with RMS to integrate defensive technologies into target facilities will augment existing security systems."

About RMS
RMS Technology Solutions Inc. is an established video technology integrator based in Buffalo Grove, IL. Founded in 1976, RMS has vast experience in emerging technologies. It offers video, network, and systems integrations services and has over 10 years of experience in wireless technologies. RMS has built the largest wireless video network in the U.S.

About Splinternet
Splinternet Holdings Inc. is a homeland security technology firm that develops and markets radiation-detection systems. Splinternet is committed to the discovery and deployment of advanced technologies to fight the worldwide threat of terrorism.

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