Right-Angle Planetary Gearboxes Cover A Wide Range Of Apps

Right-Angle Planetary Gearboxes Cover A Wide Range Of Apps

The TQK series right-angle precision gearbox covers a wide area of application where dynamic, high-speed, and top precision actions are required as well for reverse operations and a high number of starts and stops. It is particularly suitable for dynamic positioning applications for packaging and machine tooling as well for flat-bed machinery for wood working. Additionally, the component can carry out continuous running applications necessary for printing and paper converting. Features include five sizes of 060, 070, 090, 130, and 160, ratios from 6 to 200, and nominal torque values from 30 to 800 Nm. The TQK series also comes equipped with a standard and reduced backlash lower than 4 arc-min and a smooth/keyed shaft. For more details, visit http://www.bonfiglioli.com/en/industrial/products/precision-planetary-gearboxes/precision-planetary-right-angle-gearboxes/product/tqk-precision-planetary-right-angle-gearbox

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