RICOH NV-10A binoculars penetrate fog, smoke and darkness

MALVERN, PA -- Ricoh Americas Corporation unveils RICOH NV-10A digital binoculars, which for the first time can penetrate fog, smoke, rain and sand to provide a crisp, clear image even at night.

The RICOH NV-10A enhanced binoculars enable marine, military, rescue, firefighting, law enforcement, homeland security and other professional users to push a button on the binoculars and clarify, brighten and sharpen images. This same technology enhances the view for consumer applications such as boating, birding and wildlife viewing. The PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction (PAIR) technology reintroduces color that would otherwise be obscured.

The RICOH NV-10A digital binoculars enable users to capture both still and video images of the scenes they're surveying. Advanced stabilization further improves image clarity, and infrared technology lights up the faintest scenes in the dark of night.

"This is a serious tool for the serious user," said Matt Sakauchi, Product Marketing, Technology Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "Imagine you're on a merchant ship and see another vessel cruising into your vicinity. Is it friend or foe? How many crew members do you see on deck? What are they doing? You need to know before your options begin to dwindle."

Combining advanced PENTAX optics and Ricoh image processing, RICOH NV-10A enhanced binoculars are water resistant and dustproof and include GPS location – especially useful for charting incidents on the water – as well as a digital compass.

By providing large, well-spaced buttons, Ricoh has made the binoculars easy to use while wearing gloves. Non-slip rubber surfaces provide a sure grip and subdued colors help the user remain discreet.


The RICOH NV-10A enhanced binoculars, also available through Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation, are available now at a retail price of $4,195.

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