RFM Launches Best-in-Class 2.4 GHz RFIC Transceiver

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RF Monolithics, Inc. (RFM) (NASDAQ: RFMI) adds a new short-range RF integrated circuit (RFIC) transceiver radio to its extensive line of short-range radios—the TRC104. Optimized for wireless solutions in the unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands where low power consumption to enhance battery life is of prime importance, the new RFM TRC104 is ideal for enabling two-way wireless communications in a wide range of applications including residential and commercial security, active RFID, medical telemetry, industrial and consumer computer peripherals, and consumer electronics.

"The hallmark of RFM's reputation is delivering the absolute lowest power RF products in the market, whether it's RF OEM modules and boxed radios, RF components, or subsystem short-range radios like the new TRC104," said Farlin Halsey, RFM Vice President of Product Marketing. "With the release of the new TRC104, RFM further secures its solid reputation for delivering best-in-class low-power radio products."

Best-in-Class Features
Demonstrating its best-in-class leadership, the RFM TRC104 offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the following benefits:

  1. Extended battery life and reduced overall current consumption. When transmitting at its maximum data rate of 1 Mbps, the new RFM TRC104 operates at the lowest combined power consumption among comparable RFICs: 13 mA @ 0 dBm TX supply current, 18.6 mA RX supply current, and 400 nA sleep current.


  2. Optimal communications performance. In addition to lowest overall power consumption, the new RFM TRC104 also delivers typical receiver sensitivity of –95 dBm at 250 Kbps data rate and –90 dBm at 1 Mbps data rate.


  3. Easy design-in. The RFM TRC104 uses 20%–35% fewer external components than most RFICs—only a microcontroller, crystal and a few passive components are needed to create a complete, robust radio function. The RFM TRC104 doesn't compromise size either; it comes in a compact 4 X 4 mm TQFN-24 package which is the smallest package among all RFICs that transmit at 2.4 GHz. TRC104 is also the only RFIC to feature both digital and analog RSSI which makes the design-in process quick and simple across a broad range of RF design environments.


  4. Low cost. With its published price of $1.91 per 1,000 units, combined with its low external component count, the RFM TRC104 affords OEMs the lowest overall bill-of-materials (BOM) costs than any other RFIC in the market (discount pricing is available for volumes higher than 1,000 units.)

The TRC104 also includes a development kit to help design engineers fast track their designs. The DR-TRC104-2400-DK includes (2) TRC104 RFICs, (2) TRC104 development boards, (2) USB 2.0 cables, (2) 2xAA battery packs, (4) AA batteries, (2) 9 V batteries, (2) antennas with standard SMA connector, (2) universal power supplies, and a program CD containing RFM design assistant program and product manual. The DR-TRC104-2400-DK developer kit, priced at $280 each, will be available by the end of October from RFM distributors ACAL, Avnet, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, and Nu Horizons, and by order from its world-wide network of stocking reps/distributors outside of North America.

The RFM TRC104 is certifiable for unlicensed operation in the USA, Canada and Europe, and complies with Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

About RFM
RFM, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a provider of solutions-driven, technology-enabled wireless connectivity for a broad range of wireless applications—from individual standard and custom components to modules for comprehensive industrial wireless sensor networks and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.