RFM Expands Low-Power RFIC Line

DALLAS, TX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RF Monolithics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RFMI) (RFM) announced at the ESC Boston 2009 Conference the expansion of the company's low-power short-range radio RFIC line with the addition of the new 300 MHz to 510 MHz TRC105 transceiver radio. The TRC105 is ideal for enabling two-way wireless communications in a wide range of applications including AMR (Automated Meter Reading), medical (MICS), home & industrial automation, security systems, two-way RKE (remote keyless entry), automobile immobilizers, asset tracking systems, sports & recreation equipment, low power two-way telemetry systems, wireless toys, and controlled entry/access.

"The TRC105 has been a much anticipated addition to RFM's OOK / FSK RFIC family of products as it enables RFM to offer a wide range of frequencies in a single footprint with the same PIN configuration and the same ultra-low-power functionality as the RFM TRC103 transceiver," said Larry Miller, RFM Director of Product Marketing for Short-Range Radio Products.

RFM's OOK / FSK RFICs are FHSS capable, multi-channel and are packaged in a 5 mm X 5 mm plastic package. The TRC105 operates across the full 300–510 MHz range and Development Kits are available in eight frequency bands: 303–307 MHz, 310–319 MHz, 342–348 MHz, 365–381 MHz, 382–398 MHz, 402–407 MHz, 416–436 MHz, and 447–451 MHz, whereas the TRC103 is available in three frequency bands: 863–870 MHz (ETSI), 902–928 MHz (FCC), and 950–960 MHz (Japan).

Best-in-Class Benefits
Demonstrating best-in-class leadership, the RFM TRC105 offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the following benefits:

  • Low Current consumption in receive mode. Most applications require the radio to listen more than transmit. With the TRC105, receiver current is 3.5 mA typical and can be reduced as low as 2.7 mA.
  • Excellent Receiver Sensitivity at –112 dBm typical (FSK)
  • Programmable Transmit Power up to 13 dBm
  • Radio will allow microcontroller to sleep until data is received that requires processing
  • Transmit/Receive FIFO can be loaded/unloaded with radio in sleep mode, programmable TX/RX FIFO at 64 byte
  • Transmit at high data rate 32 Kbps OOK and 200 Kbps FSK to reduce transmitter on time and save power
  • Utilizing the RSSI in Receive mode, the Transmit power can be adjusted to maintain the data link and maximize power consumption
  • Low price—the price of the TRC105 starts at $2.23 each at a minimum quantity of 3,000 units. Volume discounts are available.

The TRC105 product line includes developer kits that are available for the major frequency ranges. The TRC105 developer kits are priced at $280 each and will be available by the end of October 2009 from RFM distributors ACAL, Avnet, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, and Nu Horizons, and by order from RFM's world-wide network of stocking reps / distributors outside of North America.

About RFM
RFM, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a provider of solutions-driven, technology-enabled wireless connectivity for a broad range of wireless applications - from individual standard and custom components to modules for comprehensive industrial wireless sensor networks and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

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