RF Silicon-On-Insulator Switches Hit 60 GHz

RF Silicon-On-Insulator Switches Hit 60 GHz

The UltraCMOS PE42525 and PE426525 debut as the industry's first RF silicon-on-insulator (SOI) switches to operate up to 60 GHz. The PE42525 suits test-and-measurement equipment, microwave-backhaul solutions and higher frequency switching in 5G systems. The PE426525 offers an extended temperature range making it desirable for harsh-environment applications such oil-and-gas exploration and other industrial markets. Shared features include a frequency range from 9 kHz to 60 GHz, switching speed of 8 ns, and a RF TRISE/TFALL time of 4 ns. Both switches have a power consumption of 450 nA. Samples and evaluation kits are available now. For 1K-quantity orders, the PE42525 die is $40 each, and the PE426525 is $48 each.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
San Diego, CA


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