RF Recording, Playback System from QRC

QRC Technologies

The WBT wideband transcorder from QRC Technologies, Fredericksburg, VA, is a self-contained RF recording and playback system that helps commercial enterprises and government organizations to more quickly and cost-effectively address various RF problems. The device is about the size of a laptop bag, weighs <10 lb., draws <70 W, and lets you record and analyze in real-time 2 x 25 MHz blocks of RF spectrum from 50 MHz to 4.4 GHz and play it back into other devices for analysis. The WBT contains an embedded GPS-disciplined oscillator, Gigabit Ethernet and eSATAp ports, a removable CFAST flash card, and 2 bays that use COTS 2.5 in. solid-state disk drives for continuous recording.

Contact Info

Company: QRC Technologies
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 540-446-2270
Fax: 540-548-4080

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