RF Code Introduces Active RFID Tag for Room-Level Asset Tracking

AUSTIN, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- RF Code Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class active RFID technology, announced the addition of an infrared (IR)-enabled active RFID tag to its product suite. The new M100-i tags operate with all of the beneficial density and signal propagation characteristics found in RF Code's award-winning M-series product line, while being able to broadcast secondary room-level data generated by RF Code's companion A700 Room Locator devices.

M100-i tags are equipped with onboard IR sensors, which monitor their environment for incoming IR signals and periodically report their unique ID and IR location codes. These combined data points allow for the rapid location of tagged assets with room-level accuracy. By using its motion sensor, the tag conserves battery power when an asset is at rest and beacons more frequently once the asset is moved.

"Unlike Wi-Fi-based solutions, RF Code's hybrid RF and infrared technology provides precise room-level location information," said RF Code CEO Mitch Medford. "These new products provide a simple, cost-effective, and reliable method for finding mobile or shared assets as they move from room-to-room."

Asset managers will see immediate benefits from the new product offering in healthcare, government, enterprise IT, and related corporate applications that require a mix of zonal and room-level resolution.

The new products will be on display for the first time at the 45th Annual Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) Conference & Exhibition in the Agility Healthcare Solutions booth (#619). The AHRMM event will be held August 12–15 at the San Diego Convention Center.

"We believe that accurately pinpointing the location of critical assets at the room level will enable hospital workers to spend more quality time on patient care and less time hunting for medical devices and equipment," said Fran Dirksmeier, CEO of Agility Healthcare Solutions, which beta tested the technology and plans to offer it as an option to their AgileTrac Enterprise customers.

How it works:

  • RF Code's M100-series active RFID tags are attached to mobile or shared assets, such as computers or hospital equipment. A700 Room Locators are installed in specific areas of individual rooms. The A700 Room Locator constantly emits an IR signal that contains a unique code.


  • When tagged assets travel from open areas into rooms equipped with RF Code's A700 Room Locator modules, the tag acquires the IR signal. The tag then retransmits the unique code from the IR signal in the next RF beacon that it sends. In this way, each tag beacons its asset ID and room number simultaneously, offering a most cost-effective and accurate locating system.


  • When the tag's onboard motion sensor detects that an asset is moving it will instantly seek new room-level data. Because IR signals will not penetrate walls and other architectural elements, individual room data is only broadcast within each room. The M100-i tags do not require line of sight with the A700 Room Locator to receive the IR signal.


  • RF Code's readers receive the radio frequency beacon from the tags that contain the unique tag identification codes as well as the retransmitted unique code from the A700 Room Locator. All this data can then be passed along to enterprise information systems, such as corporate databases or inventory management systems.


  • The new IR tags are reusable, offer long battery lives, and can be purchased with tamper sensors, which emit distress signals if a tag is removed or physically damaged. The small size and patented, high-density performance characteristics allow M100-i tags to be used in enterprise-class asset tracking environments featuring large numbers of standard 433 MHz tags.

For more information on M100-i 433 MHz IR tags, visit the company's Web site. Additional information on the A700 Room Locator is also available online.

About RF Code Inc.
RF Code provides enterprise-class active RFID technology and solutions used to discover, track, and monitor the condition of critical assets, inventory, and personnel. Founded in 1997, the company has developed an award-winning hardware platform for active RFID operating at 433 MHz and 303 MHz.

RF Code and its world-class roster of integration partners develop solutions that are used around the world in demanding industry environments, including healthcare, defense, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, aerospace, information technology, and homeland security. For more information, please call 877-969-2828 or visit the company's Web site.

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