RF Code Announces Wire-Free Liquid Detection Sensor

AUSTIN, TX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RF Code Inc., provider of active "wire-free" adaptive asset management solutions that slash operating and capital expenses, introduced a real-time liquid detection sensor that eliminates the need to wire or cable a data center for liquid leak detection capabilities.

Combining thin-film technology with RF Code's real-time, wire-free environmental monitoring technology, the new sensor provides the freedom and ease to deploy liquid detection wherever vulnerabilities to conductive liquids threaten expensive IT assets.

Such deployment scenarios include:

  • Wrapping the film-based sensor around floor or ceiling pipes

  • Laying it down on vulnerable floor areas including areas under or above a raised floor

  • Placing it on water delivery systems and chillers, including those found under raised floors in older data centers

  • Attaching it to air conditioning units and walls

The RF Code fluid sensor uses thin-film fluid sensing technology developed by Korean-based Yumin System Technology Co, Ltd. The University of Texas IC2 Institute's Global Commercialization Group initiated the strategic partnership with Yumin to integrate its liquid detecting film technology into RF Code's sensor solution. As a result of the partnership, RF Code is the first U.S. company to introduce real time, wire free fluid detection.

Unlike available leak detection sensors that need "air time" to dry off between water incidents, the RF Code film-based sensor can be immediately wiped down and ready for action instantly. As a result, there is no leak detection downtime-the period between incidents that typical leak sensors require to dry off fully before recouping their ability to sense for water presence. In addition, the amount of liquid presence needed to initiate a leak alert is minimal, thereby reducing response time to an emerging threat.

"For data centers especially, the unwelcome presence of water signals a host of expensive dangers that range from IT equipment damage to structural problems," said Mitch Medford, CEO, RF Code. "Until now, it's been difficult to provide blanket protection for the myriad of potential leak sources. By eliminating the costly cabling problem and building in a sensor infrastructure that's easily deployable and redeployable, RF Code is changing the way data centers attack longstanding challenges."

About the RF Code Leak Detection Solution
The fluid sensor attaches to an RF Code active RFID sensor tag via a three meter cord to allow maximum placement flexibility. Like all RF Code wire-free sensors, information captured by the sensor tag is instantly sent to Sensor Manager software, which provides real-time monitoring and alerting about environmental conditions at a site. Among other things, Sensors Managers provides customer-defined condition thresholds and alerting as well as customer configurable scheduled and ad-hoc reporting.

About RF Code
RF Code Inc. automates the ability to discover, track, monitor and manage high-value physical assets across the enterprise. Using the company's award-winning platform for real-time, active RFID, customers know instantly and on demand the location, movement, environmental status and history of each individual asset across its lifecycle. This spares customers the high cost, time intensity and compliance risk of a manual inventory and enables customers to better manage the total cost of ownership of their asset inventory. RF Code and its world-class roster of global partners develop solutions used in demanding industry environments including IT, healthcare, defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation and homeland security.

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