RF Coaxial Probes Provide GSG/GS Configuration To 20 GHz

Fairview Microwave unveils what it calls an exclusive line of coaxial RF probes and a probe positioner, suitable for use with chip evaluations, signal integrity measurements, coplanar waveguide, substrate characterization, gigabit SERDES, and test fixture applications. The offering is made-up of four, exclusive design, coaxial RF probes and one RF PCB probe positioner.


The probes provide return losses better than 10 dB and a maximum operating frequency of 20 GHz. They have a 3.5-mm female interface, a pitch of 800 or 1,500 micron, can be cable-mounted, feature gold-plated contacts, and can be used by hand, with or without a probe positioner. Compliant coaxial GSG (or GS) pogo pins allow for a broad range of probing angles.

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The RF PCB probe positioner can hold coaxial probes, has articulated joints and delivers multi-axis positioner control. This positioner also boasts a magnetic mounting plate with on-off positioner switch. These new products are ideal for use in microwave components, high-speed communications and networking. For more information and specs, checkout the products page where you can snag a few datasheets and/or call Fairview by phone at +1-972-649-6678.

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