Revere Security to Co-Chair DASH7 Alliance SWG

DALLAS, TX --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Revere Security, a leading wireless encryption solution provider for resource-constrained chips and devices, announced its appointment to co-chair of the newly-formed Security Working Group (SWG) within the DASH7 Alliance, a nonprofit wireless industry consortium that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard for wireless sensor networking. Similar to how the term "WiFi" refers to IEEE 802.11 communications, the DASH7 brand defines the ISO standard specifications for active radio frequency identification (RFID) transmissions. As a new member of the DASH7 Alliance, Revere Security will work closely with more than 50 organizations around the world to advance the development of the DASH7 standard.

"We view the DASH7 Alliance as emerging from the pack of contenders to capture a significant share of the sensor network and active RFID market," said Rick Stephenson, president and CEO of Revere Security. "Resolving pressing security and privacy issues will dramatically accelerate adoption of the DASH7 technology standard and acceptance of emerging wireless sensor network applications."

As co-chair of the SWG, Revere Security will help craft the roadmap for implementing the strongest and most efficient security and privacy features into the DASH7 standard. While the recently announced DASH7 Mode 2.0 supports cryptographic security, Revere Security's role in the SWG will focus on defining standard and interoperable security capabilities as well as the most effective approaches to suit the varying memory, computational power and battery life requirements of wireless devices and network systems.

"With the knowledge and understanding that one size does not fit all in the RFID security realm, the SWG will concentrate on framework approaches that not only reduce the operational impact of on-tag encryption functionality, but also account for the network systems and authentication side of wireless security," said Erik Wood, vice president of sales at Revere Security and DASH7 SWG co-chair. "By addressing wireless communications from all perspectives, DASH7 technology will be able to deliver a truly comprehensive security solution."

Products with DASH7 wireless sensor networking capabilities simplify the way people connect with each other as well as the places and things around them. Operating in the license-free 433 MHz spectrum, the DASH7 standard offers multi-kilometer range, multi-year battery life, sensor and security support, and tag-to-tag communications as well as device and application interoperability.

"The importance of privacy and security to the DASH7 vision cannot be overstated," said Patrick Burns, president of the DASH7 Alliance. "Revere Security brings an accomplished team of RFID and digital security experts to this effort and we are pleased to have them leading the charge for security in the wireless sensor networking marketplace."

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About Revere Security
Revere Security is a privately owned company specializing in cryptographic data security solutions for small, power-constrained chips and devices. Revere Security's solutions rely on a remarkably simple, efficient and powerful algorithm co-developed by Revere Security Co-founder Eric Smith and Chief Cryptographer Whitfield Diffie. The unique algorithm has been tested, analyzed and proven successful through rigorous study by former cryptanalysts from the National Security Agency. Revere Security safeguards solutions in embedded systems, RF communications, sensor technologies, mobile computing and more. The company is headquartered in Dallas.

About the DASH7 Alliance
Formed in 2009, the DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit industry consortium with more than 50 participants that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 standard for wireless sensor networking. Device integrators, semiconductor vendors, systems integrators, academia, and end-users work together to bring DASH7 technology to many industries and applications. Participating organizations include Analog Devices, Arira Design, Cambridge University, Chung Nam Electronics, Confidex, Damco, DH Technology, Dow, Evigia Systems, Guard RFID, Identec Solutions, KPC, Lockheed Martin, Lyngsoe Systems, Melexis, MET Laboratories, Michelin, OnAsset Intelligence, Revere Security, RFind, Semtech, Savi Technology, SPC, ST Microelectronics, Syrma, Texas Instruments, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, University of Nebraska, University of Wisconsin, and VI Service Network. Membership is open to end users, technology providers and research organizations..

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