Rethink Robotics Continues Growth in China, Announces Distribution Agreement with Shanghai Electric

SHANGHAI -- Rethink Robotics announces a distribution agreement with leading automation provider Shanghai Electrical Automation Design Research Institute Co., Ltd (SEARI), a division of Shanghai Electric, to deliver its smart, collaborative robots to the Chinese manufacturing community.

Rethink's Sawyer and Baxter robots will be sold to manufacturers in China through Shanghai Electric's distribution channels, helping companies improve production processes by implementing flexible and affordable automation.

Rethink Robotics is redefining manufacturing across the globe with its family of smart, collaborative robots that can adapt to real-world variability, change applications quickly and perform tasks like people do. Based in Boston, Rethink Robotics pioneered the category of collaborative robots and is now focusing on driving innovation and growth in the Asia-Pacific region, starting with China.

"The need for flexible automation in China is growing, and collaborative robots will help Chinese manufacturers compete more effectively on a global scale," said Mr. Y.L. Zhang, director at SEARI. "Companies of all sizes have already expressed interest in Sawyer and Baxter, and we expect demand to continue increasing as manufacturers see the positive impact of collaborative robots on the bottom line."

Established in 1961, Shanghai Electric is a high-tech enterprise company with operations in automation system design and integration, product development, electrical automation engineering contracting, technical consulting and more. The company has deployed thousands of automation solutions and is a leader in the smart manufacturing industry. The company will play a pivotal role in driving Rethink's expansion in China by distributing Sawyer and Baxter in key markets, including Shanghai and other Eastern cities.

Last month, Rethink announced the availability and global deployment of Sawyer, its new high-performance collaborative robot. The Chinese market is a cornerstone of Rethink's global expansion plan, and Shanghai Electric will be a premier distribution partner for the company as it continues its international growth.

"Chinese manufacturers are facing similar challenges to their counterparts around the world, including rising wages and labor shortages," said Scott Eckert, president and CEO of Rethink Robotics. "In order to stay competitive in a global manufacturing economy, these companies are looking at collaborative robots to help them become more efficient and responsive to customer demand. Baxter and Sawyer will soon be on factory floors throughout China, and Shanghai Electric is a world-class partner that will play a significant role in delivering on that goal."

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