Resistance Thermometer from Tecsis

Resistance Thermometer from Tecsis
Tecsis GmbH

The PT Compact USB from Tecsis GmbH, Offenbach am Main, Germany, is a resistance thermometer that is programmable via USB. The sensor's standard range is –50°C to 200°C; a high-temperature –50°C to 600°C range is also available. Accuracy is <0.2% of the measurement range and output is 4–20 mA or 0–10 V. The housing and measuring insert with the USB interface are bolted together with a screw connection. This allows you to remove the programming unit without disconnecting the thermometer from the process. You can program the device using a PC or pocket PC with a USB interface.

Contact Info

Company: Tecsis GmbH
Phone number: +49 69-5806-0
Fax: +49 69-5806-7788

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