Resin Boards Fortify Tri-Color E-Paper Displays

Pervasive Displays’ latest range of rugged tri-color displays are designed for use under demanding conditions. The company’s line of rugged black, white and red displays – the 3.7-inch, 4.2-inch, 4.37-inch and 7.4-inch models – include a resin board attached to the glass substrate to protect the screen from breaking when bumped, dropped or knocked.

Wearable technology, logistics container labels, or tags on moving equipment or products are all prone to impacts. Where a conventional glass display could shatter in these situations, Pervasive Displays’ E-paper Displays (EPDs) are said to resist impacts by being up to 50% stronger. As a result, these EPDs open new opportunities for designers to incorporate displays where these would previously have been impractical or impossible.

The EPDs display text and images using physical ink particles that reflect ambient light. This helps them remain readable even in bright sunlight or other harsh lighting conditions. Their near-180° viewing angle further enhances their ease of readability. Moreover, low energy demands mean they don’t require mains power, and are instead able to run for months or even years using a small coin cell battery.

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The EPDs feature a pixel density ranging from 117 dpi to 130 dpi depending on the screen size, state-of-the-art driving waveform, and the ability to render both text and images in red, white and black. For more details, datasheets are available as follows: 3.7-inch (E2370FS081), 4.2-inch (E2417FS051), 4.37-inch (E2437FS083), and the 7.4-inch (E2741FS081).

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