Research and Markets Adds Experimental Mechanics Papers

DUBLIN, Ireland --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Advances in Experimental Mechanics VII" report to its offering.

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials 24–25

Category: Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, 7th–9th September, 2010, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, U.K.

Authors: R.A.W. Mines and J.M. Dulieu-Barton

The 2010 Annual British Society for Strain Measurement Conference is the seventh in the series on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, and the fifth time that the papers have been presented as a volume in the Applied Mechanics and Materials series. The 61 papers making up this volume reflect strikingly the diverse nature of experimental mechanics. The fourteen sessions address various disciplines: e.g. aerospace, mechanical and civil engineering and state-of-the-art technologies such as biomechanics, novel sensors, and composite and cellular materials. The papers were contributed by workers in both academia and industry; with half of the contributions coming from outside of the UK: thus reflecting the international flavour of this event. This volume will be essential reading for all of those interested in the subject.

Table of Contents (61 papers, 10 per page listed)

Papers Include:

  • "Mechanical and Transport Properties of Concrete at High Temperatures," Artur Galek, Harald Moser, Thomas Ring, Matthias Zeiml, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Roman Lackner, p1
  • "Experimental Characterisation of Parameters Controlling the Compressive Failure of Pultruded Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Composites," Ole Thybo Thomsen, K.K. Kratmann, p15
  • "Aspects of Uncertainty Analysis for Large Nonlinear Computational Models," Keith Worden, W.E. Becker, Manuela Battipede, Cecilia Surace, p25
  • "Detection of Cracking in Gear Teeth Using Acoustic Emission," Rhys Pullin, A. Clarke, M.J. Eaton, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans, J.P. McCory, p45
  • "Active Sensor Arrays for Damage Detection," Pawel H. Malinowski, Tomasz Wandowski, Wieslaw M. Ostachowicz, p51
  • "Towards a Hybrid Infrared Approach for Damage Assessment," R.K. Fruehmann, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, S. Quinn, p57
  • "Designing a Hollow Langevin Transducer for Ultrasonic Coring," P. Harkness, Andrea Cardoni, J. Russell, Margaret Lucas, p65
  • "Experimental Modal Analysis of an Automotive Powertrain," Cristiana Delprete, A. Galeazzi, F. Pregno, p71
  • "Investigation into the Damping and Stiffness Characteristics of an Elevator Car System," Herrera, H. Su, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, p77
  • "Analysis of Sensors for Vibration and Nip Forces Monitoring of Rubber Coated Rollers," M.C. Voicu, Reinhard Schmidt, B. Lammen, H.H. Hillbrand, I. Maniu, p83
  • "Evaluation of Edge Cracks in Cross-Ply Laminates Using Image Correlation and Thermoelastic Stress Analysis," G.P. Battams, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, S.W. Boyd, p91
  • "Mechanical Behavior of Syntactic Foams for Deep Sea Thermally Insulated Pipeline," Dominique Choqueuse, Peter Davies, Dominique Perreux, Laurent Sohier, Jean Yves Cognard, p97
  • "Analysis of the Strain and Stress Fields of Cardboard Box during Compression by 3D Digital Image Correlation," Jeremie Vigui, P.J.J. Dumont, P. Vacher, Laurent Orgas, I. Desloges, E. Mauret, p103
  • "Correlation between Full-Field Measurements and Numerical Simulation Results for Multiple Delamination Composite Specimens in Bending," C. Devivier, Daniel Thompson, Fabrice Pierron, M.R. Wisnom. p109
  • "Towards a Planar Cruciform Specimen for Biaxial Characterisation of Polymer Matrix Composites," Michael R.L. Gower, Richard M. Shaw, p115
  • "Measurement of Mechanical Strain Using Chromatic Monitoring of Photoelasticity," Claudia Garza, Anthony G. Deakin, G.R. Jones, J.W. Spencer, K.K.B. Hon, p123

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