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World Machine Condition Monitoring Equipment Market
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for machine condition monitoring equipment in millions of US$. The major product segments analyzed are vibration monitoring equipment, thermography equipment, lubricating oil analysis equipment, and corrosion monitoring equipment. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2000 through 2015. The report profiles 147 companies including players worldwide such as Bently Nevada, Bruel & Kjaer Vibro, ClampOn AS, CorrOcean ASA, Corrpro Companies, Inc., Data Physics Corporation, DLI Engineering, Emerson Process ManagementI, FLIR Systems, Inc., Indigo Systems Corporation, Honeywell Process Solutions, InterCorr International, Infrared Solutions, Inc. ITT Corporation, Inc., Kittiwake Developments Limited, Mikron Infrared, Inc., NEC San-EI Instruments, Ltd., PCB Piezotronics, Inc., Rockwell Automation, Inc., Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Scientific Monitoring, Inc., Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd., SKF Condition Monitoring, Inc., SPM Instrument AB, and The Timken Company. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
Vibration Monitoring Equipment I-3
Thermography Equipment I-3
Lubricating Oil Analysis Equipment I-4
Corrosion Monitoring Equipment I-4

1. Global Market Overview II-1
Vibration Monitoring Equipment II-1
Thermography Equipment II-1
Lubricating Oil Analysis Equipment II-1
Corrosion Monitoring Equipment II-2

2. Industry Overview II-3
Plant Assets - 'Working' Capital of Organizations II-3
Introduction to Condition Monitoring II-5
Need for Routine Condition Monitoring II-5
Condition Monitoring - Outlook II-5
Market Drivers II-6
Integration of CM and PAM II-6
Monitoring - Not an Alternative to Inspection II-7
Machine Downtime Concerns: Condition Monitoring Equipment Helps II-7
Converting Cost into Cost-Benefit II-7
Functioning of the Machine Condition Monitoring System II-7
Micromachined Accelerometers - An Effective Cost Alternative to Machine Condition Monitoring II-8
Digital Signal Processing Technique II-8
ADMC401 II-9
Condition Monitoring Software II-9

3. Market Trends II-10
Condition Monitoring Equipment Registers Improved Demand II-10
Latest Technological Solutions Help Users Avoid Costly Downtime and Cut Costs II-10
Contracting Out of Condition Monitoring - An Insight II-10
Internet to Enhance Condition Monitoring Equipment Demand II-10
Plant Asset Manufacturing Solutions - Growing Popularity II-11
It Pays to Bridge the Functional Gap Between Industry and Equipment Manufacturers II-11
Quest for Expert Condition Monitoring Systems is On II-11
Early Bird Gets the Worm II-11
Identification of Niche Markets II-12
Market Consolidation and Technological Advancements on the Rise II-12
Corrosion-Resistant Alloys Gaining Prominence in Chemical Industry II-12
Consulting and Services Likely to Increase II-12
Open Software Standards Alleviate Manufacturer's Concerns II-13
Shift in Manufacturing Facilities II-13

4. Condition Monitoring II-14
Condition Monitoring - A Key Application of Wireless Sensor Networks II-14
Vibration-Based Condition Monitoring II-14
Steam Trap Condition Monitoring II-16
Online Vibration Monitoring Systems II-16
Minimizing Maintenance Expenses II-17
Integrating Condition Data with Process Data II-17
Elegant Products for Vibration Isolation Application II-17
Competitive Scenario II-18
Corrosion Monitoring II-18
Prevention is Better Than Cure II-19
Corrosion Monitoring Techniques II-20
Electrochemical Techniques II-20
Electrochemical Noise (EN) II-20
EIS Technique II-20
Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) II-21
Metal Loss Techniques II-21
Electrical Resistance (E/R) probes II-21
Ceion and Microcor Technologies II-21
Weight Loss Coupons II-21
New Software for Monitoring Pipe Corrosion II-22
CORMIT Technology II-22
Thermography II-22
Recent Developments in Thermography Condition Monitoring II-23
Lubricating Oil Analysis-Based Condition Monitoring II-24
Significance of Lubrication II-24
Lubrication Management II-25
Oil Analysis II-25
Wear Debris Analysis II-25
Oil and Wear Debris Analysis II-25
Software to Maintain Consolidated Lubrication Program II-26

5. Digital Fieldbus Technology - A Review II-27
Introduction to Fieldbus Technology II-27
Digital Fieldbus - Ideal Solution for Integrating Control and Condition Monitoring II-27
Advantages of Integrating Control and Condition Monitoring Data II-28

6. End-Use Markets II-29
Vibration Monitoring Equipment II-29
Lubricating Oil Analysis Equipment II-31
Thermography Equipment II-33

7. Product Introductions/Developments II-35
Pruftechnik Unveils Latest Condition Monitoring Systems II-35
FAG, National Instruments Launch Online Condition Monitoring System II-35
DLI Launches New Diagnostic Vibration Data Collector II-35
IMI Sensors Launches Mechanical Vibration Switch II-35
Latest Software from SKF for Condition Monitoring Systems II-35
New Condition Monitoring Solution for Pulp & Paper Industry II-36
SPM Instrument Launches Latest Range of Vibration Transducers II-36
Rockwell Automation Enhances Product Line II-36
Invensys Launches Enhanced Real-time Condition Monitoring Solution II-36
SPM Instrument Introduces Portable Machine Condition Analyzer II-37
Timken Launches Portable Condition Monitoring Device II-37
Honeywell Introduces Advanced Web Monitoring System II-37
Kittiwake Launches Latest Moisture Sensor Technology II-37
Dyn-X Expands Measurement Performance Range II-38
Emerson Introduces New EDDL Enhancements for Monitoring Technology II-38
Wilcoxon Research Designs Communication Module for PC-based Vibration Monitoring II-38
Emerson Launches Vibration Monitors for Hazardous Zones II-38
Online Reporting Tool from Rockwell Automation II-39
GE Energy Launches New Software Version for Online Condition Monitoring II-39
Tire Condition Monitoring Equipment Innovations in Japan II-39
Alfa Laval Develops Cosmos Centrifuge Condition Monitoring II-39
New Monitoring System for Lift Trucks II-39
New Condition Monitoring Method Uses Latent Process Model II-40
SKF Reliability Systems Unveils a New Version of @ptitudeView II-40
Kittiwake Introduces ANALEXrs Range of Fuel Analysis Tools II-40
Wilcoxon Research Launches iT 401 Alarm II-40
Timken Launches Machine Evaluator Series II-41
SKF Introduces Self-Learning Tools on Condition Monitoring II-41
ITT Industries Unveils PROsmart Predictive Condition Monitoring System II-41
Rockwell Automation Launches Condition Monitoring Data Collector II-41
Data Physics Launches Quattro, the New Ultra Portable DSP Engine II-41
Emerson Adds New SCU Multi-Controller Unit to Dry Product Level Sensors Range II-42
ClampOn Introduces DSP Corrosion-Erosion Monitor II-42
Remote Monitoring System for Production Machinery Claims II-42

8. Product Launches in Recent Past II-43
SKF Develops New Velocity Transmitter II-43
Bently Nevada Introduces Trendmaster Pro II-43
Wilks Enterprise Unveils Soot Chek II-43
Accutech Unveils New Wireless Monitoring System II-43
Electro-Sensors Introduces New Vibration Monitor II-44
Controls Inc. Introduces Wireless Monitoring Equipment II-44
SensorScript Introduces RotorMD Vibration Test System II-44
Entek Unveils New Machine Vibration Monitor II-45
Monitran Introduces New Accelerometer II-45
Anthony Best Dynamics Introduces Noise and Vibration Testing Equipment II-45

9. Recent Industry Activity II-46
Fiber Optics Systems Acquires PinPoint Corrosion Monitoring II-46
LumaSense Technologies Takes Over Mikron Infrared II-46
CorrOcean ASA Acquires Roxar AS II-46
Honeywell Takes Over Enraf II-46
SKF and Aker Kvaerner Enter Partnership II-46
SPM Instrument Collaborates with Metso Minerals II-47
SPM Instrument Wins Contract for Supply of Measuring Equipment II-47
DLI Engineering Receives Contract from US Navy II-47
Honeywell Wins Major Contract II-47
SPM Supplies Equipment to Scottish Power Station II-47
Curtiss Wright Acquires Swantech Stress Wave Analysis Technology II-48
SKF Group Acquires Australia and US-based Companies II-48
Wilcoxon Enters Partnership with Sensorex II-48
CorrOcean Wins Major Contracts II-48
Honeywell Enters into Twin Contract with Powerflute II-48
ITT Industries Changes Name II-49
Honeywell Signs Major Contract with Huntsman II-49
VeriChip Corporation Acquires Instantel II-49
FLIR Systems to Acquire Scientific Materials Corporation II-50
Honeywell Acquires InterCorr International II-50
Data Physics Takes Over Gearing & Watson Electronics II-50
Invensys in Partnership with SWANTECH for Condition Monitoring II-50
AMOT and MAN B&W Sign Agreement for Conditioning Monitoring System II-50
Teledyne Controls Bags Aircraft Condition Monitoring System from Japan Airlines II-51
Scientific Monitoring Signs Contract with Boeing II-51
Al Masaood OISS Signs Contract for Supply of Downhole Monitoring Equipment II-51
SMI Wins US Air Force Contract II-51
FLIR Systems Acquires Indigo Systems II-52
Bently Nevada Gains Supply Contract from ENDESA II-52
DCIPL Enters into Agreement With Bentley Nevada II-52

10. Strategic Corporate Developments in Recent Past II-53
Andritz Purchases Acutest Oy II-53
Corrpro Sells Rohrback Cosasco Systems II-53
Rockwell Automation Signs a Supply Contract with Air Liquide America II-53
CorrOcean Gets Corrosion Monitoring Contract from Transpetro II-53
Rockwell Enters Supply Agreement with Flowserve II-53
SKF Bags Condition Monitoring Systems Order from GEO II-54
CorrOcean Wins Corrosion Monitoring Equipment Contract from BP II-54
Honeywell Buys Assets of Chadwick-Helmuth II-54
Emerson Receives Patent for Wear Debris Analysis Technology II-54
InterCorr Awards Sales Rights to TEC II-54
Komatsu Starts Advanced Machine Condition Monitoring Centers II-55

11. Focus on Select Players II-56
Bently Nevada (US) II-56
Bruel & Kjaer Vibro (Denmark) II-56
ClampOn AS (Norway) II-56
CorrOcean ASA (Norway) II-56
Corrpro Companies, Inc. (US) II-57
Data Physics Corporation (US) II-57
DLI Engineering Corp (US) II-57
Emerson Process Management (US) II-58
FLIR Systems, Inc. (US) II-58
Indigo Systems Corporation (US) II-58
Honeywell Process Solutions (US) II-58
InterCorr International (US) II-58
Infrared Solutions, Inc. (US) II-59
ITT Corporation (US) II-59
Kittiwake Developments Limited (UK) II-59
Mikron Infrared, Inc. (US) II-59
NEC San-EI Instruments, Ltd. (Japan) II-60
PCB Piezotronics Inc. (US) II-60
Rockwell Automation, Inc. (US) II-60
Rohrback Cosasco Systems (US) II-60
Scientific Monitoring, Inc. (US) II-61
Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-61
SKF Condition Monitoring Inc. (US) II-61
SPM Instrument AB (Sweden) II-61
The Timken Company (US) II-62

12. Global Market Perspective II-63

1. The United States III-1
2. Canada III-17
3. Japan III-20
4. Europe III-23
4a. France III-29
4b. Germany III-31
4c. Italy III-33
4d. The United Kingdom III-35
4e. Spain III-39
4f. Russia III-41
4g. Rest of Europe III-43
5. Asia-Pacific III-49
6. Latin America III-51
7. Rest of World III-53


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