Report Spotlights Wearable Technologies for Industrial Applications

The "Wearable Technologies for Industrial Applications" report from Research and Markets' suggests industrial wearables (smart glasses and gloves, head mounted displays, cameras, audio devices, sensors embedded into clothes) are geared to transform the industrial sector by reducing error rate, improving efficiency and safety of workers. With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), wearables are expected to have high growth opportunities in the industrial segment. The ability of wearables to provide real-time data, as well as perform monitoring and tracking functionalities will complement growth. Wearables establish a connection between workers and the digital platform.


The technology and innovation report provides assessment of key wearable technologies, innovations and innovators profile (across different applications including the manufacturing shop floor, assembly line, quality checks, item pick up and movements, and delivery scheduling planning), and factors influencing adoption. The report also assesses the impact of various wearable devices on industrial applications and these include see-through glasses, head mounted devices, wrist bands that are intended for enhancing visual aid, assessing fatigue, strengthening protection, and productivity and efficiency improvement.

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Key questions answered in the report:


• What is the significance of wearables in industrial sector?

• What type of applications are enabled by wearables in a manufacturing set-up?

• What is the patent trend and key focus areas?

• What are the key emerging innovation themes and who is driving these innovations?

• Who are the beneficiaries (implementation cases)?

• What is the adoption potential of wearables in industries?

• What are the factors driving adoption?

• What are the growth opportunities beyond 2020 for wearables in industries?


Key Topics Covered:


1. Executive Summary

2. Technology Status Review

3. Emerging Innovations in Industrial Wearable Devices

4. Key Innovators in the Industrial Wearable Devices Market

5. Technology Impact Assessment and Implementation Examples

6. Strategic Insights

7. Key Patents and Contacts


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