Report Says About Half of Smart Home Devices Self-Installed

A recent study conducted by Parks Associates found that the sale of wireless home security products is on the rise, and about half of U.S. homeowners with a home security system use smart, wireless sensors as part of the system. The study also found that almost 50 percent of these smart-home devices were installed by the owner or the owner's friends/family members. More findings are listed in the press release below. Parks Associates announced research at ESX (the Electronic Security Expo) showing wireless home security sales are increasing, as almost one-half of home security owners in the U.S. have a home security system that connects wirelessly to sensors. "The emergence of 'monitor-it-yourself' and hybrid professional monitoring options for self-installed devices is a key trend for the smart home in 2016," said Brad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. "Almost 50 percent of smart home devices currently in U.S. broadband households are self-installed, by the owner or by the owner's friends or family members. These advanced monitoring solutions present an avenue for security companies, service providers and users to generate more value from these self-installed devices." Findings from Parks Associates' research Security Dealer Survey: Emerging Trends in Security Systems Sales and Services and Delivering Peace of Mind: Connected Home Devices & Sensors include the following: • 80 percent of U.S. security dealers currently install smart home devices as part of their services. • About 25 percent of security replacements or upgrades include at least one smart home device, such as smart thermostats, networked video cameras, or smart lighting devices. • Nearly three-quarters of security dealers offer interactivity with devices through smartphones, tablets, and computers. • Dealer revenues for smart home services are around $14 per month. • 44 percent of networked security camera owners access or control their device remotely on a daily or almost daily basis. • Among U.S. broadband households with professional security monitoring, 32 percent also own a networked security camera. Read more:

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