Report Projects $10 billion Markets for Radiation Detection in Industrial Niches and Scientific Labs

GLEN ALLEN, VA -- The market for radiation detection devices used in various industrial and scientific applications stands at roughly $7 billion in 2015 and will rise to $10 billion by 2022, according to findings in a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets.

About the Report:

Aside from extensive use in healthcare and military/domestic security, radiation detection is seeing significant growth in a number of industrial applications. Nuclear power is an obvious end market, despite recent end-market shifts and technology advancements. Other key industries here include oil/gas and mining, pharmaceuticals, and scientific research labs, as well as some emerging sectors with unique customized requirements such as scrap metal recycling and food safety.

Grouped together under one roof, these industrial sectors represent some of the best growth opportunities for radiation detection equipment. Alongside the broader trend of continued globalization and industrialization of developing regions, NanoMarkets sees clear opportunities emerging in environmental monitoring, both for equipment (e.g. gas lines) and personnel, and novel applications such as food irradiation. Management of radioactive waste from a number of industrial processes will continue to be an area of concern and focus.

In this report, we identify the key opportunities for all the major types of radiation detection systems and their applications in industrial contexts: oil/mining, scrap metal, food irradiation, pharmaceutical, nuclear energy, and scientific labs. We analyze technological advances in the field of radiation detection and point out detector trends beneficial to development in these commercial markets for radiation detection. This report also includes detailed eight-year forecasts for radiation detection equipment in the aforementioned industrial applications, broken out by types of detectors, end-user sectors, and by region/country.

This report also examines the products and companies that supply them to the major market segments. Companies discussed include: Berkeley Nucleonics, Canberra Industries, Covance, Fluke Electronics, Fuji Electronics, General Atomics, Inveresk, Kromek, Laurus Systems, Ludlum Measurements, Mirion Technologies, Oak Ridge Detector Laboratory (ORDELA):, Ortec (Ametek), Polimaster, Quintiles, RadComm, RAE Systems (Honeywell), RapiScan Systems, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Saphymo, SE International, SMART Labs, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Details of the new report, "Radiation Detection In Industrial and Scientific Markets, 2015-2022" including a downloadable excerpt, are available at:

The firm has announced a new report on radiation detection materials that will be available in early March 2015. Additional details about that report are available at:


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